“Krivda – the godtrix against the matrix” leads us on a journey through the crooked world that is  krivda - an old Russian word meaning deceit. 

The author with her careful eye and sharp pen shows how ancient truths are being used against us, with words the chosen weapons of assault. Not only are we being battered with banal cliches, political correctness and techno jargon, but the very values that make us truly human  are being twisted into their opposites, as illustrated by the word matrix which means womb, our original maternal home. By using it in its distorted meaning we are captured in a crooked spell or as Reittort puts it:

“Matrix is a terrifyingly successful piece of mind programming and word-spell.” The book tracks the attack on matrix from godtrix - the trickster gods which come to us under many guises such as religion, science, technology, and money and which are teaching us to hate that which we should love…including mother nature herself. 

She covers so much ground in the book – of ancient, modern and contemporary culture and history that my own life and family history flowed through my memories. And the vision of Walter Benjamin came to mind – history as a series of disasters piling upon one another... into a “storm (that) we call progress.” Fortunately Enna Reittort’s vision is more hopeful than Benjamin’s. Yes we face malevolent intentional forces – which she describes as the long game of the gods – but she puts the gods in their cosmological place. While they may have certain skills and tricks they are not higher than us humans and our earthly companions. Indeed they are inferior entities that envy us and we can defeat them by exposing their deceits, rediscovering ancient truths and unlocking the power of our human hearts.

Once we pull back the veil of artifice and deceit that has clogged our minds for so long we can become more alive to what is real – enjoy the beauty of nature and our place in it as precious human beings.  Once we look deeply into our own hearts we can put aside thoughts of hate and relearn how to love one another. Bee Evans

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